Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Couch CoverUp

The couch is the family room is basically a place holder until my bank account allows me to purchase an update.  This couch has provided years of seating for friends, family and pets... and the wear shows.  The original cushions were sad little pancakes and stained with sun spots.  Converting the couch from sad to fab was easy.  I simply tossed the original cushions and replaced with these lovely throw pillows.  Instant update and a clever cover up of an old sofa. 

The pillows you see here were obtained during shopping trips to Target, Ross and Marshalls.  All scored for under $10 each due to markdowns.  Gotta love a deal!  I'm especially smitten with the lush, faux fur pillows.  They give the room the masculine feel needed to appease my husband, yet provide me with the snugly softness I need when cuddling up on the couch for a Lifetime movie marathon.  Everybody wins!


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