Friday, November 8, 2013

Eclectic Global Inspired Living Room

One of my biggest passions is traveling, so it's no surprise that I gravitated towards global inspired decor for the living room. I also wanted to incorporate warm and rich tones into the room. The room has insanely high ceilings and the walls were already painted an off-white color when we moved in. I added a dark rich brown, Spiced Wine (Olympic Paint) to the part of the wall below the chair rail. To complement the richness of the brown, the accent colors in the room are a rust orange, mustard yellow and olive green.

Beige Sofa - Sigh. I let my husband pick out the sofa set for the living room and he chose this. not my taste at all, but I gotta work with what I got. Although this is not our sofa, it's basically the same shape - big and puffy. It's also a microsuede light beige (currently covered with a similarbeige slipcover due to our dog permanently staining it with her drool). Oh, and not only do we have a 3 seat sofa, it also came with a matching love seat and recliner. Yay! (Sarcasm).

Quatrefoil Octagon Framed Mirror - Absolutely love the shape of the mirror and the color of the frame.

Markor Console Table - I got this console table on clearance on Ikea as they were discontinuing their Markor line. Love the color and fits in with the decor of the room perfectly.

Throw Pillows - Funky throw pillows with global inspired patterns will add some excitement to my otherwise yawn worthy couches.

Olive Green End Tables - I've been scoping out second hand stores for a pair of end tables. I plan to paint whatever end tables I find a medium olive green color. I'm hoping to find tables with some storage.

Glass Melon Knob - I think these pretty glass melon knobs will be the perfect addition to the yet to be found olive green end tables. A soft orange or yellow color are my top choices with white being on the list as well.

Amelia Table Lamp - These table lamps totally embody the vibe I'm going for in the room. However, their $169 (each) price tag is a little steep for my beer budget wallet. I want to find something similar in shape and color.

Artwork - I currently have three pieces of gold framed artwork similar in style to the one shown here, except the artwork I have is of Spanish architecture.

Faux Leather Cocktail Storage Ottoman - I need this piece! It's perfect. Makes a great coffee table for the room while also doubling as extra seating and storage. Perfect!

Woven Grass Baskets - A couple of baskets placed on the lower shelf of the console table would be perfect for mail and magazines.

Animal Print Stool - Spotted this animal print stool in Kmart recently and love it! Think it will add a fun element to the room and still fits in with the global theme - hello African Safari!

Cream Shag Rug - We currently have a cream shag rug in the area. I originally wanted a bright patterned rug, but I now prefer this plain cream shag instead. It grounds the room and keeps the space from feeling too busy.

*Original Post 3/22/11
*Reposted 11/8/13


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