Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Old World Inspired Kitchen

I painted our kitchen a deep red color when we moved in 6 years ago.  Although I love it, it's nearing that mark where I'm getting ready for a change.  As soon as I'm ready to tackle to task of painting our small, but incredibly tall kitchen walls, I think I'm going to lighten it up and go for a yellow-gold color like Indian Maize (Olympic Paint).  In the meantime, the color palette of yellow, green and red will still work for the kitchen as is!

Carynthum Utensil Holder - I purchased this awesome ceramic utensil holder at Pier One at the end of last year and have been in love with it ever since.  It's large enough to hold all of my cooking utensils but not so ginormous that it crowds my stove top.

Estrella Rug - Also purchased at Pier One on sale, this little rug set my heart a-flutter on sight.  It was exactly what I had been looking to purchase for the space.

Frigidaire Gallery Stainless Steel Freestanding Gas Range - This is the exact look and style of stove I'd love to have replace the current outdated range we currently have.  I love the combo of black and stainless steel. 

Room Essentials Floral Kitchen Towel 5-pc. Set - Perfect!! The colors, the pattern, the feel... these are the towels that would find a perfect home in my kitchen.

Floral Measuring Cups - I had been eyeing this measuring cup set for awhile and finally snagged them around the holidays.  Super pretty measuring cups not only serve a purpose, but are eye-catching enough to incorporate into the decor.

Wood Salt & Pepper Shakers - Originally I wanted to find a whimsical set - maybe owls or birds - in a plain white.  However, I really love these dark wood shakers so I may just end up with two sets!

Rustic Cookware - I'd like to eventually replace a large portion of my pots, pans and bakeware because I've had most of it for years and those years of cooking have taken it's toll on a lot of pieces. Ok, really, I just like new stuff! I'd love to get rid of some of my glass bake and cookware and replace it with ceramic pieces in rustic colors.

Old World Clock - I need this clock!  It's perfect.  I've been dreaming about adding a huge clock to the kitchen, as we certainly have the wall space, and this is exactly the style I had envisioned.  Just need to get over my fear of hanging heavy objects on the wall!

Whirlpool Bottom-Mount Silver Refrigerator - Love this fridge! Even though it's not from the same brand as the stove, I think these two pieces would work well together. At any rate, I would definitely like to replace our refrigerator sometime in the very near future.


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